Excessive Force: The Murder of Glenn Norman

EXCESSIVE FORCE: The Murder of Glenn Norman

by Keith Broekemeier


On Oct. 4, 2011 police responded to a 911 call made by Jason R. Cramer.
When officers arrived Glenn D. Norman was in the yard next door to the 911 caller. According to the officers Glenn resisted when they tried to place him under arrest. What unfolded after is point is tragic.
Four officers where on the scene when questionable force was taken. Sgt. Fiene, Deputy Dziacloz, Deputy Watson, and Deputy Rutherford. I would like for people to keep this in mind, four officers where there.
Mr. Glenn D. Norman was 46 year of age, standing 5 foot 3 inches tall, weighing 140lbs. Glenn was unarmed. According to the drug screen taken later Glenn was under the influence of methamphetamine, mydrocodone, hyromorphone, and dihdyrocodeine. Most know what methamphetamine are the other 3 are common pain killers.
When Sgt. Fiene was going to place Glenn under arrest, Glenn resisted. So Sgt. Fiene pulled his x26 taser gun out and shot Glenn in the chest. What I’m about to tell you next is according to court documents, there where 5 steps.
1. First tasing. Trigger was pulled six times for a total of 24.8 seconds.
2. Sgt. Fiene took his mag light striking Glenn in the upper leg knocking him to the ground.
3. While Glenn was on the ground Sgt. Fiene Drive stunned Glenn in the back. (A Drive stun is when the taser gun is directly against the body)
4. Sgt. Fiene pulled the trigger 4 more times for a total of 36 seconds. Stopped for 19 seconds, pulled trigger 3 more times for a total of 37 seconds, stopped for 14 seconds and pulled the trigger one more time for 14.5 seconds.
5. Glenn was placed in handcuffs.
Shortly after being placed in handcuffs Glenn lost consciousness and stopped breathing. Glenn was in cardiac arrest. Officers performed CPR. Glenn was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead at the scene by the emergency room physician.
Now if Sgt. Fiene was trained in the proper use of X26 taser gun, he didn’t bother remembering it on this early morning. According to Taser Intl. in a training bulletin made clear that repeated blasting of a taser gun can “ impair breathing and respiration”. They also said for a subject in a state of “excited delirium” repeated or prolonged stuns with a taser can contribute to “significant and potentially fatal health risk”. I would also like to note that it’s recommended to give no more than a 5 second burst. Which only 4 out of the 15 burst where under 5 seconds.
On Sept. 30, 2009 Taser Intl. issued a warning and new targeting guidelines to law enforcement agencies. To aim shots below the chest center mass to “avoid chest shots” citing potential risk of cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is exactly what happened to Glenn Norman.
The download of Sgt. Fiene X26 showed that Sgt. Fiene pulled the trigger 15 times in less than two and half minutes for a total discharge period of one minute and twenty four seconds. Doing exactly what Taser Intl. has said not to do with their taser gun.
So let us think about this for a minute. There where 4 officers on the scene to arrest one person. I know Glenn was under the influence of meth and pain killers, but this does not turn a 140lbs man into The Hulk. For the Camden County Sheriffs Dept. and the Prosecutor to say no excessive force was taken is B.S. After Sgt. Fiene had Glenn on the ground that should have been it.
Why tase the man further. Is the Sheriffs Dept. really telling us four officers cant subdue a 140lbs man that is face down on the ground?
After looking at a lot of information on this I can only come to the conclusion that Sgt. Fiene used excessive force. Sgt. Fiene had no business using a taser gun or for that matter own one. Sgt. Fiene was not properly trained to use this taser gun. Everything Taser Intl. said not to do with this taser, Sgt. Fiene did. That shows the incompetence and lack of training he had. How Sgt. Fiene got away with this is incomprehensible. What were the other 3 officers doing at this time? If Glenn was that big of a threat all of them could have easily taken Glenn to the ground and handcuffed him. Why was a taser even used when you have 4 officers within feet of a 140lbs unarmed man? Can anyone say overkill!
I would like to give my deepest condolences to the Norman family for their loss. After reading all the information I feel nothing this man did justified the action that was taken by Sgt. Fiene. I hope one day the Norman family can find closure and that karma catches up with Sgt. Fiene.

Reference material: lakenewsonline.com, lakenewstoday.com, Taser safety issues-Wikipedia, United States District Court Western District Of Missouri Central Division Norman vs. Camden County Sheriffs Dept. Case 2:12-cv-04210-NKL.


1 thought on “Excessive Force: The Murder of Glenn Norman

  1. Glenn Norman
    Did not deserve this kind of punishment
    He was a good man he was my ants boyfriend Camden County Sheriff’s deserves karma and die
    I was in Camden County Jail for 13 months they would not give me my psych meds they would only give me meds that they thought I should have then at the 12 month that I was there they tased me while I was restrained tryd to kill me

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