The End

These are the last words I intend to write for American Spring.

Everything is coming undone around us.  We are in the grips of corporate totalitarianism.  Our state legislators are owned by ALEC and corporate interests.  They are embarking on a neo-liberal economic agenda that will sell the people of this state out to the businesses that pay them.  Our national legislators are a joke, creating manufactured crisis after manufactured crisis to enact austerity measures under the term ‘sequestration’.  Our tax dollars are being used to fund a ‘homeland security’ department that has militarized our police, created a surveillance state and enabled the rise of domestic drone use.  Our constitutional rights are being superseded by those who hold power.

The rule of law applies only to those who cannot afford to manipulate the system.  Our media, including our local outlets, is beholden to corporate/state control.  There is little interest in reporting the truth of what has happened to our “democratic processes”.

It is over.

I was targeted, pulled over without probable cause and arrested for an expired drivers license.  The officer admitted, after my repeated questioning of his cause, that he was specifically waiting for me.  Their intention was to arrest me, less than 24 hours after my first original post in months.

I cannot do this anymore.

I know I am right about what has and is happening to our nation, that we’ve become the perfected tool of fascism.  The fact that I was arrested bears that out in all too real a way for me.

Soon, education will be undermined and controlled by corporations posing as charter schools.  Private, corporate prisons will house our youth and those of us who are poor.  Already, a Florida university is naming a stadium after such a company.

And no one seems to care.

You would all rather stick to talking points they manufacture to keep you from looking at the truth and in the meantime, they undo our rights, they socialize their debts to us, they sacrifice us on the altar of ‘free markets’.

I cannot afford to be arrested anymore.  It costs money I do not have.  I cannot afford to shout at the hurricane when those in the media willingly ignore the truth of what is going on around us.  I cannot afford to leave my children in an act of martyrdom against a system that is evil and corrupt for the sake of people who have no interest in hearing inconvenient truths.

I am finished.

When what I have been saying for two years finally comes home to you and yours, remember that you heard the warnings.  Remember that you once heard the pleas of a neighbor, begging for you to look at the facts.

Remember that I tried and please, tell my kids.

Good luck.