Exposing the LACC

After reading the latest letter from the ‘voice’ of the LACC, I find I can no longer hold my tongue.  I am a student of the Lenny Bruce form of communication.  It is time to be direct with Jane Boyce and about what Cliff Luber and the LACC represent.  I apologize in advance for stepping on toes.

The pseudo-intellectual of the Lake Area Conservative Club, Jane Boyce, has consistently spewed the language of division, hatred and fear in the pages of this paper.  She has gone largely unopposed in her views, allowing for the creep of the lunatic fringe in Camden County.

That ends now.

Whether it is her attempt at glossing over the remarks made by Akin regarding what constitutes ‘legitimate rape’ or her constant calls for Missouri to leave the Union or her false claims regarding the Judge’s ruling in the ACLU/Camdenton School District lawsuit, Boyce has repeatedly used fear and loathing to promote her talking points.  The venom that drips from her words is caustic, expensive and uninformed.  She has displayed a passion for dividing us, a fervor for spreading hyperbole and half-truths.

She states that Todd Akin “humbly apologized” for using the “wrong words”.

Put down your Federalist Papers and Gadsden Flag, Jane.  It’s time for me to lay a little truth on you.

Todd Akin didn’t use the “wrong words”.  He didn’t misspeak.  He didn’t make a boo-boo.

He spoke his views on the subject of rape.  He introduced legislation that would change the definition of rape, which would allow for his personal viewpoint, echoed and instilled by Phyllis Schlafly, that married women cannot be raped as they have somehow consented to sex via the marital contract.  He said that marital rape can be used as a tool against husbands in divorce proceedings.  It wasn’t an accident that he said what he said.  It isn’t an accident that you are promoting it.  You are cut from the same insane cloth, likely shredded during a sexual assault of the ‘legitimate’ nature.  Akin’s views were repeated by Tea Party darling Steve King who said that he had never heard of child pregnancy resulting from incest or rape.  His views were endorsed by VP candidate Paul Ryan, who co-sponsored Akin’s bill to alter the definition of rape.

You have repeatedly tried to push the notion of ‘virtuous and moral leaders’.  In fact, in the letter you wrote in support of Akin and rape, you cite Thomas Jefferson, as if invoking his name somehow will confer morality and virtue.  Todd Akin is neither virtuous, nor is he a moral leader.  Anyone who would attempt to justify and minimize rape is a potential predator, a disgrace to himself and his family, and a danger to my daughters.

That you would take up his flag doesn’t surprise me.  You and the LACC have a history of hatred and exist in a fog of ignorance.  Your group, led by Cliff Luber, personally cost the school district of Camdenton $25,000 in your pursuit of hate and a county commissioners seat.  While you were spreading fear by stating: “This effort was not taken into consideration by Judge Laughrey, who ordered ALL filtered sites to be open”, you neglected the fact that the internet filter the LACC insisted on keeping, when ordered to be tested by the Judge, showed to be ineffective at blocking real pornographic sites.  It allowed 30% of these sites through.  In other words, the filter was customized to prevent access to LGBT information sites but was ineffective at blocking sexually explicit sites.

Why do I say that you, Luber and the LACC are responsible?

Luber was identified in court pleadings as promoting the school’s fight to maintain the filter, despite its flaws. The LACC involved the Alliance Defense Fund in order to ensure discrimination continued against students with questions about LGBT issues. Luber led members of the LACC to a school board meeting and threatened to vote the members out if they didn’t proceed with an indefensible case, keeping a filter that allowed porn while blocking informational sites. Luber proudly spoke about this strong-armed coup on the radio, trumpeting ‘righteousness’ to justify a campaign of hate. The LACC demanded to be notified of who was looking at LGBT sites. One has to wonder what intentions were lurking in the shadows with that outrageous request. Were you going to blow their heads off?

The cult of the LACC forced the district to continue discriminatory practices. You flew a plane and banner to reinforce that position. You cost our school $25,000 and an increase in insurance premiums, in order to advance an agenda of intolerance and hate.

Luber, the president of your club, was identified as making threats to blow the heads off disadvantaged children.  I am a fan of fact, not spin.  While the LACC, with the help of this paper, tried to run a public relation campaign designed to obfuscate Luber’s alleged statements, the fact remains a police report was filed.  It wasn’t a ‘smear campaign’ against someone who hadn’t declared for office.  Luber didn’t misspeak.  He didn’t “humbly apologize” for using the “wrong words”.  He said he would blow the heads off children.  He was stating the established platform of the LACC, where rape is accepted, ignorance is taught and hatred is preached with zealous abandon.  The effort to obscure the police report and reduce it to an ‘anonymous smear campaign’ gives the complaint more credence, not less.

This from the man who would wrap himself in the vestiges of the church, calling for pastors to preach politics from the pulpit, as they do in Iran.

The lasting memory from the Akin rally is the saddest, most disturbing one.  Young girls and boys, standing on the sidewalk of the square, holding up signs in support of Akin.  Holding up signs promoting the acceptance of rape.  That is the legacy of the LACC cult, the indoctrination of children into a culture of hate, violence and division.  It is packaged with the heretic notion that somehow, Jesus would endorse this mentality.

You used to be a running joke, Jane.  Sitting in front of your bookshelf, passing yourself off as a learned woman while endlessly quoting Jefferson, you would like us to think you are a woman of ‘virtue’.  You have instead made it clear how sick and twisted and dangerous your philosophy is.  It was written on the faces of the kids you were pimping out as political placards.

The LACC represents the lowest common denominator of this area. It’s high time you were exposed for what you are.

‘Vote yourself a voice….’ of hatred, rape and murder. The ‘voice’ you voted for hisses from forked tongues.


1 thought on “Exposing the LACC

  1. You sir know nothing of those who represent the LACC. You know nothing of me or my family and yes I am a member. If you had really known my protest over the LGBT in our schools was simply they took the choice away from responsible parents to have the conversation with “their children”. Not the schools children but my children that I and my husband brought into the world who have taken responsibility for since they were conceived. We the parents were given no thought to in this matter and in fact were made to sound like we the parents were the enemy! If you cannot understand that then you cannot call yourself a christian. We are even by biblical standards to raise our children in the ways of the Lord. That is not a grey area but black and white. So before you think it was just Luber you are completley wrong. I as well as other concerned parents who by the way are not affiliated with the LACC testified before the school board and expressed their views that exposing our children to this was not the responsibilty of the school system but the parents who are responsible for the emotional, physical and financial health, of these children. SO climb off your soap box and actually go out and interview who testified at the School Board meeting. YOu will find that you were not accurate.

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