Is Big Brother watching?

How do you know when the Government is watching? 

Hidden inside a hail of laws passed by Congress in Tommy Gun fashion, there is a silver bullet designed to strike at the heart of the privacy of all Americans. It states, in layman terms, that the Government and its law enforcement divisions, can access your email, text messages, phone records, social media interactions, etc. They can do this without a warrant, without subpoena, without cause. Additionally, these ‘requests’ into your personal dealings, are sealed. This means that companies like AT&T, Twitter and Facebook are prohibited from disclosing any such requests to their unsuspecting customers while they hand over every number you have called, email you wrote in confidence and text you sent.

They can monitor any of these at any time and have coded their electronic warehouse and its data collection program ‘Stellar Wind’. 

If that sounds like something straight out of Orwell, I urge you to let your fingers do the walking and Google Stellar Wind.  It is our reality, made possible by fascist politicians like Vigilant Vicky Hartzler.

So the question remains, how do you know when Big Brother has turned his all-seeing eye on you?

I have never been shy in my criticism of corporate politicians and their machinations. As I once explained to a former reporter for my local paper, The Lake Sun, it is civic duty.

We are a nation borne from throwing off the shackles of oppression. Revolution is our heritage, our birth right. It is in our blood. Speaking out against tyranny and its agents is a responsibility to our children, ourselves and each other. We are a nation of rebels. Our Constitution and the blood shed for it, guarantees us the freedom to speak out, free of the government yolk.  The Founders enumerated that right precicely because of their own experience.  Remember Common Sense?

What happens then, when our Government begins monitoring its citizens for signs of dissent? We have FDA scientists being the target of massive surveillance operations, because they spoke out about radiation dangers or were critical of the Obama-nation Administration.

The American Gestapo has licence to operate in this manner. And they do. No one can deny the intrusion of the government WE THE PEOPLE fund. 

So again, how do you know when they are watching you?

This is my experience.

On July 6, I chose to respond, with my brand of harsh criticism, to tweets from Representative Vicky Hartzler.  I fired off five tweets, asking about her out of state contributors and questioning her logic regarding deregulating businesses, including big banks (see JOBS ACT).  I called her a corporate shill, but did not use inappropriate language.

It was then that I had my first encounter with Big Brother.

A strange app appeared on my phone. It was labeled ‘SMS’. I attempted to remove it and while the icon disappeared, discrepancies followed.

Immediately, I was made aware by Twitter followers who receive American Spring Tweets via SMS to their phones, that my posts about Hartzler didn’t reach SMS, nor did they appear in their Twitter feeds.

Soon after, my incoming and outgoing texts double posted.  This, as any twelve-year-old fluent in chat programs can attest, is a tell tale sign that someone is using a spyware program to track your exchanges. These ‘ghost messages’ are a vapor trail for electronic surveillance programs.

While one could argue that such monitoring of my tweets, texts and calls is simply an inevitable next step on the path I have chosen by being outspoken, that argument does not extend to my friends, family and aquaintances.

It seems that anyone I have had contact with electronically are now experiening the similar issues with their phones and computers.

No files have been transferred that might have contained a virus. Only messages and calls. 

Political censorship is one thing, but this is something different entirely. After speaking with people involved with Occupy and NATO protests, I have learned this tactic is not unique to me.

It begs not just one question, but three:

Is Big Brother watching?


What follows surveillance?


How long before it is you?


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