MO Charters: Corruption, Doctrine and Privatization

MO Charters: Corruption, Doctrine and Privatization




A few weeks ago I spotted an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution concerning several Missouri school districts. These districts were facing the loss of their accreditation due to failing scores and fraudulent test results. 


Thanks to ‘No Child Left Behind’ laws, these failures now allow for government money to funnel to corporations via the privatization and customization of your child’s education.  Since a good number of us have kids in school, it is good to know what we are getting for our money.


Charter schools have long enjoyed a marketing bonanza in the media, and the positive coverage initially of charters as a preferred educational alternative has paid off.  As more and more public schools fail, more and more charters have appeared in replacement, scooping up our money under the argument of having a better product.  Initially, many buy in as they see a public education system that is failing.  With charter schools as the viable and agreed upon lone alternative, what you are left with in the aftermath is a corporately owned education farm system that answers not to the people of the district, but to the constant profit motive.


The first, most glaring example of the dangers of making our kids’ education a profit center, comes via @Banditelli who was kind enough to share them with me.  A look at THIS ad and all appears to be in perfect order.  For many parents, desperate to provide their children an opportunity at a better life, it can look like a beacon of hope in an otherwise gray world.  Then you look at THIS ad and see that the young lady featured must get around, going to all these different schools. 


You know where this is going to lead.


There is nothing to stop this level of corruption, once the competition is eliminated.


Another major player in the private education industry is Rupert Murdoch.


Murdoch, whose News Corporation empire is being rocked by the largest government corruption scandal in the history of the UK, via Fox News, is no stranger to promoting Christian extremism.  Consider that even Mike Huckabee, gentleman preacher-turned-politician, is heavily invested in promoting a particular point of view to serve his own profit margin. He is well-known for attempting to assign religious intent to our founding fathers and our founding documents.  Huckabee has ownership of a company that produces cartoons for young children that reinforce this fantastical fallacy of our history. 


Look at recent developments in Kansas City’s public school districts.  Do you think it’s an accident that Google provided the Kansas City area with a new, advanced internet service?  As the UK scandal has proven, Murdoch expects services to be rendered for his payments.


Once you eliminate the competition, public schools, you silence an electorate’s voice in the end product.  We become consumers, and if we have complaints, we will get the company line ‘your concerns will be taken into consideration’. 


It is not a surprise to see our local link to extremist viewpoints, Eagle Forum, is in strong support of charter schools.  Not surprising that she also instructs people to teach their own children to read by the first grade using phonetics.  Especially after a guy I work with told me this past week, that he saw on the news a report that they were going to start eliminating Kindergarten and 1st Grade programs across MO. 


What are they trying to do to us?


Yes, there are bad teachers.  A bad system with little compensation results in poor performance.  The remarkable thing is, in spite of the mammoth task and responsibility our teachers have, they are constantly made to be an enemy in a never-ending marketing campaign designed to achieve a particular result.  They are made out to be villains who are somehow getting rich off our tax dollars when in fact the exact opposite is true.  The fact that bad teachers are an underwhelming minority is an absolute testament to the men and women who have our nation’s most important job. They are going broke trying to teach too many kids with too few resources thanks to our corporate politicians.  It is they, who have squandered our education dollars to achieve a particular result.  They are all working to make education another profit center in their perfect corporate union.


None of this serves us or our kids. None of it serves us.  It DOES serve a select few, who would condition our children to accept the lowest standards.  THEIR agendas require blind acceptance and is not without historical reference.  We all remember the brown shirts of  the Hitler Youth.  That is what they conspire to create, a willing populace ready to turn a blind to the truth of their empire’s own evil deeds because it satisfies a specifically cultivated sense of religious superiority without the application of morality.  

It fits the narrative.



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