Ayatollah Luber

Cliff Luber, candidate for Camden County Commissioner, believes the lines between church and state need to be eliminated. 


He has, through his own words, promoted the concept that politics should be dictated from the pulpit.  He has also, through his affiliations, shown that he is in favor of a society wherein the majority of us must sacrifice so that a very few can enjoy better bottom lines. He has, through his public support, embraced a hard line, right-wing agenda that includes forcing women to capitulate to the decisions of their employer’s authority where her health choices are concerned.


Who knew that Cliff Luber held the same rigid beliefs as the Ayatollah and those who adhere to Sharia Law?


These radical beliefs are not limited to Islam, as the women inAmericaare fast learning.  


Mr. Luber has repeatedly and publicly supported politicians and policies that reflect his narrow point of view.  He has been vocal in his support of Vicky Hartzler, whose votes in favor of stealing our rights have been well documented here.


This includes an article this week that pointed out the connections between local lumber and hardware dealer, High Brothers Lumber and Home Center and Hartzler’s continued siege on our liberties while she cuts rules for business. It was no surprise of course, that the day after that piece appeared, Mr. Luber was at High Brothers, as if to emphasize the nefarious connections between his politics and Hartzler’s.


It becomes important to look then, at those similarities, as Luber appears to be in lockstep with Vigilant Vicky.


One doesn’t have to search long for an example of this religious extremism, as illustrated by one of Vicky Hartzler’s largest contributors, Eagle Forum.


Eagle Forum supports the enforcement of religious dogma via the state.  This is clear in their rhetoric throughout their site.  A tour through the mission page is a glimpse at a theocracy, NOT a democracy.  They would seek to replace things like the ‘Imperial Judiciary’ with the teachings of the bible, which once again begs the question:


Do they realize they are mirroring dreaded Sharia Law?


As referenced earlier, Luber has been outspoken in his beliefs that politics should be preached from the pulpit.  Last fall, Mr. Luber wrote a letter to the Lake Sun that emphasized just that, calling on local pastors to infuse their sermons with a political agenda. 


When doing research for this piece, I went to the Lake Sun’s web site. While many of Luber’s less controversial letters appeared there, the submission in which he made this appeal was not found.  Given the editorial direction of the Lake Sun and their documented manipulation of facts surrounding other politicians, this comes as no surprise.  They appear to be very much in tune with this radical, extremist wing of politics.  Their inflated support of Rick Santorum’s campaign clearly demonstrates an empathy with those who would see the lines between church and state obliterated. 


This would turn our country into, of all places, Iran. 


I suspect that most of us, Mr. Luber, do not see the enforcement of religious dogma via government as a good thing.  Most of us instead, see it as the danger it is.

It is the same danger the first Americans saw in jolly ol’ England. 

Know what we did then?


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