I am not a terrorist

I am not a terrorist.

I am full of righteous fury at those responsible for selling the public trust like another commodity, traded for cents on the dollar. I am filled with the anger of a parent, who is watching as his children’s future is being sold off for corporate benefit. I am full of condemnation for those who would invoke such practices while claiming a higher moral authority. I would see them all exposed and jailed for their many, many crimes.

But I am not a terrorist.

I would question anyone who would pass legislation that restricts, prohibits and taxes Americans at the polls. I would question those who would pass legislation that makes it a felony to protest against anyone under the protection of the Secret Service. I would question all of those who would enact more rules on a population while doing away with rules for corporations. I would question anyone who would make telling the truth a crime, whether that truth exposed war crimes, as Bradley Manning is currently being tried for, or the practices Monsanto, Cargill and others use on their corporate farms and agricultural facilities as relating to our food supply.

That doesn’t make me a terrorist.

I understand that whether it’s Romney or Obama, it’s the same exact thing. I know that Obama has continued, expanded and enhanced surveillance state framed by Bush and Cheney. Social media is monitored for dissent. Drones are now flying overhead, watching Americans, as their domestic use has been approved. Drive through Osage Beach and you will see cameras perched atop most stop lights. Cruise through Linn Creek and you might see their new camouflaged Humvee. Go through Camdenton and take a look at the Camden County Emergency Management center.

I repeat: I am not a terrorist.

I am the father of three girls. We have a boxer named Cricket, who happens to be the best kisser in Camden County. My lady and I work in the Lake community. We bleed Chiefs red and gold. We are doing the very best we can to provide for our family and, in spite of their talking points, invented percentages and proclamations of a ‘recovering economy’, we are struggling. This is the beginning of what is to come. Those who are doing this now have done it before, many times, and it’s all been done in our name.

My grandfather was a Southern Baptist pastor. He went to seminary after he returned from World War II and was an active member in the Association for decades. He had a framed letter from President Ronald Reagan on the wall of his study, thanking him for his support. My grandpa would have characterized himself a lifelong Republican. He was not however, a stupid man and were he still here, he would recognize exactly what it is we are facing. He faced fascist might before and was part of a glorious triumph over the evils of state-enhanced hatred. My grandfather did his duty because it was the right thing to do. I owe him no less.

He passed a few years ago, but before he did, he handed me a folded piece of notebook paper. He couldn’t speak well at the time, but he insisted I have it. I tucked that piece of paper in my wallet, where it remained until two weekends ago. A conversation with a friend at work about names, of all things, brought that piece of paper out of my wallet.

On the piece of paper was something my grandfather was trying to tell me, a final piece of wisdom to impart. He pointed toward the book of Romans and then: ‘Paul’s insistence that man’s justification before God….not in the law of Moses, but on the mercy of Christ’.

I’m not certain what his intentions were. We didn’t always see eye to eye on things, but those words have truth for me.

On Tuesday, in solidarity with Occupy groups around the globe, you will find me in front of the Camden County Courthouse, participating in the May 1st General Strike. I’ll be easy to find. I’ll be the guy under the American flag, flown upside down as a sign of distress. Feel free to hurl all the insults you like, but please, keep the tomatoes to yourself.

For more details on American Spring and the May 1 General Strike, please drop by the blog at http://www.americanspring2011.com or follow on Twitter. Say hi, I will always say hello back.

And, for all of you out there who support Ayatollah Luber and Vigilant Vicky Hartzler, don’t be afraid to stop by and have a conversation. I promise I won’t have you arrested.





Show-Me Truth

Last weekend, I did a piece on Missouri’s Charter Schools. Since, it has been an incredibly busy week for “our” Missouri Congress on the education front, as the rush to privatize begins. The past week’s legislation has widespread implications for the future of our children’s education.  It is important to look at the overall picture in order to have a broad understanding of what is happening, with alarming speed, to Missouri’s education system.

This week has witnessed a flurry of activity in other areas, as well, which calls into question the legislative agenda of our local representatives and who it is they are serving.

Rep. Diane Franklin (MO 155), Rep. Rodney Schad (MO 115), Rep Wanda Brown (MO 116) and Sen. Chuck Purgason (Dist 33) and Sen Mike Kehoe (Dist 6) are our current local representatives in the Missouri Congress.

Since taking office, these local representatives have embarked on a radical crusade, with a recent flurry of activity that reflects a very specific agenda.

This is a highlight reel of the past week in ‘our’ Missouri Congress.

April 16: Missouri Senate endorses legislation that allows employers to not only shift burden of proof for benefit claims to employee, it allows for the UNPRECEDENTED legal ability for an employer to dictate private behavior.  It allows an employer, through use of surveillance of social media and other resources, to terminate employees for cause if their personal life doesn’t reflect company values.

Pro-corporate, big brother legislation like this will allow an employer to fire an individual for ANY and ALL behavior deemed inappropriate by company standards AND keep someone from collecting their unemploment insurance.

April 16: Missouri House endorses new voter restrictions, making it both more difficult for citizens to vote and charging them for the privilege via an effective poll tax.

Restricting the rights of American citizens to have a voice in the political process is a hallmark of this agenda, as has been seen across the country. Disenfranchising citizens who suffer the most under extreme, oppressive shifts in policy has historical precedent. Whether it is the Holocaust or Apartheid, the calling cards are unmistakable.

April 17: Missouri House endorses further restrictions on abortion. This further illustrates the intent to obliterate the separation of church and state. It speaks to a broader picture of legislating religious doctrine on a population. This also, has roots in history, and brought settlers to these shores.  They understood the dangers and loss of personal liberty associated with having religious doctrine forced upon you. They sought to escape that here.

April 17: Missouri House backs expanding the probe into test scores and accreditation issues for Missouri schools. This further broadens the search for districts who are viable candidates for seizure by the State and then, the privatized, customized education of our kids. Endorsed by corporate groups, religious groups and lawmakers as the ‘prefered’ investment for our public funds and children’s education, charter school not only opens the door to having our children educated in a very specific manner, it eliminates all other options.

April 17: Missouri House moves to criminalize telling the truth. This legislation, which makes it a crime to take undercover videos of farms and ‘agricultural’ sites, is designed to silence ALL media from showing ANYTHING not endorsed by management. The legislation comes at an interesting time as Vermont is poised to take on Monsanto in court and expose their business practices, both at home and abroad. Monsanto, as we know, is a homegrown problem. On the heels of the pink slime controversy, to we want LESS regarding our food supply? As more corporate legislation is passed in this vein, it not only threatens our media into acceptancing these practices, it jeopardizes the health and welfare of ALL of us.


April 18: Missouri House: ‘Don’t Say Gay’ legislation, which would criminalize any reference to LGBT lifestyle in schools, is backed for further consideration. This law will enforce through law, religious belief and doctrine. This is legislation designed to legalize discrimination and hatred toward those people who do not conform to an ‘accepted’ behavior and lifestyle, as dictated by a specific religious code.

April 18: Senate Bills 576 and 677, passed by final vote, allows the privatization of our schools and the education of our children to begin, pending House approval.

Would anyone like to guess what the final product will look like?

The Missouri Congress has provided ample evidence in the past week to draw a reasonable model, as last week’s piece predicted.

We will have school districts increasingly dominated by corporations and corporate policy instead of the needs and welfare of children. We will have school districts infused with private money and private rules. We will see religious doctrine infused with our children’s education. These institutions will endorse discrimination and prosecution of those who are different and have behaviors, lifestyles and points of view that do not conform to religious doctrine. We will see the erosion of the barrier between church and state. It is being assumed by those who would use it to their own ends, to enforce their own set of principles on a population.

What most of us under the influence of the Missouri Ministry of Truth have not been told, is that there are obvious ties between the current path of the Missouri legislature and the special interest group ALEC.

ALEC, or the American Legislative Exchange Council, seems determined to help guide us own a particular path and the legislation listed from the past week reinforces the article’s assertions of the corporate influence over our legislative process. It would appear that most Missourians are facing, as much are most of the citizens of this nation, a clearly defined case of taxation without representation.

Votes from our national politicians and rulings from our federal judiciary have, in recent months have allowed for the expansion of a secret police state, complete with drone surveillance, strip searches during all arrests, including those arrests made during protest against those in Secret Service protection; warrantless access to citizen’s information, indefinite detention without charge, warrant or trial; forced labor, justified as critical to ‘national’ security needs, the expanded role of the CIA, including the previous illegal operation on United States soil and the list goes on.

They are serving their corporate masters and they will use the military and police to enforce a rigid, narrow doctrine of extremism. Religious doctrine, corporate will, enforced at gunpoint on a population legislated into subsidizing crimes against humanity.

We have seen this before as well.

Here, in my own community, Cliff Luber aka the Ayatollah, is running for Camden County Presiding Commissioner. American Spring has pointed out the many and obvious associations between the Ayatollah and the agenda to enforce religious doctrine as state law. The Ayatollah does not stand alone however, in promoting this agenda. Jane Boyce, of the Ayatollah’s Lake Area Conservative Club, has been vocal in support of both promoting religion as law in our schools and of the secession of our state. It is ironic that in the pictures she has chosen to accompany her letters, she is posed in front of shelves of encyclopedias and law books, when in fact she would likely prefer to see the ‘Imperial Judiciary’ done away with.

One can only assume that, as Missouri lawmakers are still considering a measure that sets the stage for secession, Jane is also in favor of the House decision to accept gold as currency, in lieu of dollars.

The blue signs that have appeared around town represent the local face of an extremist agenda that more closely resembles Saudi Arabia or Iran than Ohio. The Ayatollah and his supporters have led us down a historical path, all the while claiming to be patriots.

This also, has roots in the past. Nationalism was a critical tool in reshaping Germany during the rise of fascism.

This is for the members of the media out there who have taken the time to read this.

We, the people of Missouri, need just one thing:

Show-Me truth.

In an effort to be fair I would like to thank @LakeNewsOnline for choosing to put Luber’s unflattering letter back online.  I would also like to thank them for covering some of the critical moves by the Missouri legislature in this piece.  This is a nice change.

Follow me on Twitter @AmericanSpring as I always answer shout outs and never shy from good conversation.





MO Charters: Corruption, Doctrine and Privatization

MO Charters: Corruption, Doctrine and Privatization




A few weeks ago I spotted an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution concerning several Missouri school districts. These districts were facing the loss of their accreditation due to failing scores and fraudulent test results. 


Thanks to ‘No Child Left Behind’ laws, these failures now allow for government money to funnel to corporations via the privatization and customization of your child’s education.  Since a good number of us have kids in school, it is good to know what we are getting for our money.


Charter schools have long enjoyed a marketing bonanza in the media, and the positive coverage initially of charters as a preferred educational alternative has paid off.  As more and more public schools fail, more and more charters have appeared in replacement, scooping up our money under the argument of having a better product.  Initially, many buy in as they see a public education system that is failing.  With charter schools as the viable and agreed upon lone alternative, what you are left with in the aftermath is a corporately owned education farm system that answers not to the people of the district, but to the constant profit motive.


The first, most glaring example of the dangers of making our kids’ education a profit center, comes via @Banditelli who was kind enough to share them with me.  A look at THIS ad and all appears to be in perfect order.  For many parents, desperate to provide their children an opportunity at a better life, it can look like a beacon of hope in an otherwise gray world.  Then you look at THIS ad and see that the young lady featured must get around, going to all these different schools. 


You know where this is going to lead.


There is nothing to stop this level of corruption, once the competition is eliminated.


Another major player in the private education industry is Rupert Murdoch.


Murdoch, whose News Corporation empire is being rocked by the largest government corruption scandal in the history of the UK, via Fox News, is no stranger to promoting Christian extremism.  Consider that even Mike Huckabee, gentleman preacher-turned-politician, is heavily invested in promoting a particular point of view to serve his own profit margin. He is well-known for attempting to assign religious intent to our founding fathers and our founding documents.  Huckabee has ownership of a company that produces cartoons for young children that reinforce this fantastical fallacy of our history. 


Look at recent developments in Kansas City’s public school districts.  Do you think it’s an accident that Google provided the Kansas City area with a new, advanced internet service?  As the UK scandal has proven, Murdoch expects services to be rendered for his payments.


Once you eliminate the competition, public schools, you silence an electorate’s voice in the end product.  We become consumers, and if we have complaints, we will get the company line ‘your concerns will be taken into consideration’. 


It is not a surprise to see our local link to extremist viewpoints, Eagle Forum, is in strong support of charter schools.  Not surprising that she also instructs people to teach their own children to read by the first grade using phonetics.  Especially after a guy I work with told me this past week, that he saw on the news a report that they were going to start eliminating Kindergarten and 1st Grade programs across MO. 


What are they trying to do to us?


Yes, there are bad teachers.  A bad system with little compensation results in poor performance.  The remarkable thing is, in spite of the mammoth task and responsibility our teachers have, they are constantly made to be an enemy in a never-ending marketing campaign designed to achieve a particular result.  They are made out to be villains who are somehow getting rich off our tax dollars when in fact the exact opposite is true.  The fact that bad teachers are an underwhelming minority is an absolute testament to the men and women who have our nation’s most important job. They are going broke trying to teach too many kids with too few resources thanks to our corporate politicians.  It is they, who have squandered our education dollars to achieve a particular result.  They are all working to make education another profit center in their perfect corporate union.


None of this serves us or our kids. None of it serves us.  It DOES serve a select few, who would condition our children to accept the lowest standards.  THEIR agendas require blind acceptance and is not without historical reference.  We all remember the brown shirts of  the Hitler Youth.  That is what they conspire to create, a willing populace ready to turn a blind to the truth of their empire’s own evil deeds because it satisfies a specifically cultivated sense of religious superiority without the application of morality.  

It fits the narrative.


Lessons Learned

A few days ago, in a Twitter exchange with Ryan Deveroux (@RDevro) of The Guardian, I used the term ‘maneuvered’ by the Trayvon Martin case.  Unfortunately, Twitter’s 140 character limit doesn’t allow for much expansion, so I thought it was appropriate to explain my use of the term. 

When you consider the very nature of the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, you are seemingly encouraged to, by the law’s very existence, use deadly force against another person if you feel threatened by them. 

Trayvon Martin is the victim of legislation designed to legitimize murder.  It is legislation designed to take advantage of existing tensions in a population hot for confrontation.  It is a population that is feeling the restraints of a barrage of new laws, built on very specific planks, designed to legislate away the ability to resist without it being a crime.  They feel the hardship that is the end result of government selling them out, shrinking safety nets while Big Oil, Big Wal-Mart, Big Everything succeeds because Big Banks want it that way and they own the presidency.  It is a population who looks around and sees no representation of their views in the laws being passed in their name, imposed on them by force and threat of criminal charge.

America has been through this before.  Our nation was born from that struggle.

Trayvon Martin is a tragic case, but not a surprising one.  There is an overwhelming attempt by the echo chamber of television programming to hype these ‘racial divides’, reinforcing  a narrative they are inventing for our consumption.  If you think I’m kidding, let me give you a bubble gum example, courtesy of ‘American Idol’. 

A young black man was allowed all the way to the competition stage of the show before Fox decided to humiliate him on their dime. He had legal issues that he hadn’t been forthcoming about because he was afraid he would lose his chance at being discovered.

Difficult to believe he felt that way, isn’t it?

Fox dedicated a segment to allow two old white Fox executives berate the young man and portray him as a liar who had somehow set out to wrong them.  It was a disgusting display that went completely unnoticed and therein lies the beauty of the propaganda machine.

Trayvon Martin comes as no surprise, although he is mourned along with the hundreds of other teens killed since his death.  It is no surprise they are amplifying tensions that exist on the fringes of this tragedy and ignore the unification of people taking place around the young man’s circumstance. 

It fits the narrative they are trying to enforce. 

What then, ultimately, is the end result of this mixture of legalizing AND promoting a specific kind of behavior?  What kind of society are you building, when this behavior is endorsed by the corporate state and promoted by the corporate media?

America has been through this before, too. In destroying that evil, a superpower worthy of the name emerged.

Those in the extreme minority in this country have, first in slow degrees, now with dizzying speed, begun to strip us of our rights.  Trayvon Martin and the tensions his case represents, most directly threatens the last line of American defense against such tyranny.  He, through no fault of his own, represents the threat to our guns.

I was responding to a Tweet of Ryan’s about shots being fired into a police car in the area where Trayvon died.  The area was being described as a ‘tinder box’, by local media.  This was eerily similar to events that unfolded in the UK last summer, preceding the riots there.  The similar elements of race appeared in that case, also playing the familiar narrative.   This was a fuse, certainly, although there were many other areas stressing the population as well.

America is going through this now.

Our government has made common practice of ignoring, shredding and skirting our Constitution while inventing a new narrative, one that would infuse the imagined intent of our founders to a government with that endorsed a specific religious doctrine.   This is an extremist point of view and cannot be invoked as the norm in a ‘free’ society.  It requires forcing a population to submit when all charm and propaganda fails.

It is the reason Trayvon Martin, inadvertently threatens our guns.  If civil unrest moves to armed resistance, it will allow for the enforcement of martial law.  That is the threat we all face, black, white, brown, red and yellow.  The President signed it into being on March 16-17th.  Pay specific attention to the part that says they can force us to work in the name of national defense.  Does that sound familiar?

It begs the question, what will America do with those lessons learned?

Ayatollah Luber

Cliff Luber, candidate for Camden County Commissioner, believes the lines between church and state need to be eliminated. 


He has, through his own words, promoted the concept that politics should be dictated from the pulpit.  He has also, through his affiliations, shown that he is in favor of a society wherein the majority of us must sacrifice so that a very few can enjoy better bottom lines. He has, through his public support, embraced a hard line, right-wing agenda that includes forcing women to capitulate to the decisions of their employer’s authority where her health choices are concerned.


Who knew that Cliff Luber held the same rigid beliefs as the Ayatollah and those who adhere to Sharia Law?


These radical beliefs are not limited to Islam, as the women inAmericaare fast learning.  


Mr. Luber has repeatedly and publicly supported politicians and policies that reflect his narrow point of view.  He has been vocal in his support of Vicky Hartzler, whose votes in favor of stealing our rights have been well documented here.


This includes an article this week that pointed out the connections between local lumber and hardware dealer, High Brothers Lumber and Home Center and Hartzler’s continued siege on our liberties while she cuts rules for business. It was no surprise of course, that the day after that piece appeared, Mr. Luber was at High Brothers, as if to emphasize the nefarious connections between his politics and Hartzler’s.


It becomes important to look then, at those similarities, as Luber appears to be in lockstep with Vigilant Vicky.


One doesn’t have to search long for an example of this religious extremism, as illustrated by one of Vicky Hartzler’s largest contributors, Eagle Forum.


Eagle Forum supports the enforcement of religious dogma via the state.  This is clear in their rhetoric throughout their site.  A tour through the mission page is a glimpse at a theocracy, NOT a democracy.  They would seek to replace things like the ‘Imperial Judiciary’ with the teachings of the bible, which once again begs the question:


Do they realize they are mirroring dreaded Sharia Law?


As referenced earlier, Luber has been outspoken in his beliefs that politics should be preached from the pulpit.  Last fall, Mr. Luber wrote a letter to the Lake Sun that emphasized just that, calling on local pastors to infuse their sermons with a political agenda. 


When doing research for this piece, I went to the Lake Sun’s web site. While many of Luber’s less controversial letters appeared there, the submission in which he made this appeal was not found.  Given the editorial direction of the Lake Sun and their documented manipulation of facts surrounding other politicians, this comes as no surprise.  They appear to be very much in tune with this radical, extremist wing of politics.  Their inflated support of Rick Santorum’s campaign clearly demonstrates an empathy with those who would see the lines between church and state obliterated. 


This would turn our country into, of all places, Iran. 


I suspect that most of us, Mr. Luber, do not see the enforcement of religious dogma via government as a good thing.  Most of us instead, see it as the danger it is.

It is the same danger the first Americans saw in jolly ol’ England. 

Know what we did then?

High Brothers, Hartzler and Hatred – The theft of your rights

Much has been made of corporate influence and corruption in Washington politics.  It is understood now, in our post “Citizens’ United” world, that money donated directly equates to access to and influence over, politicians.  There have been generic cries of outrage over a system that favors oligarchs, but we are rarely offered a hometown look at these relationships and the repercussions they have on the community at large.  Fortunate then, that as I was sitting at a traffic light, staring me in the face was the perfect example of this destructive parasitic relationship.

High Brothers Lumber and Home Center has been a member of the Camden County business community since 1979.  While no one can say for certain how long ownership has endorsed stealing the liberties of their clients and customers, it can be said that their recent enthusiasm for these extreme ideas is bubbling over.  A trip to their place of business, located on South Hwy 5 just outside of Camdenton, Missouri, finds one under the Gadsen flag, the chosen symbol for Tea Partiers in the area. 

Its slogan, ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ matches the view of High Brothers Lumber and Home Center ownership perfectly, as I learned sitting at the aforementioned traffic light. In front of me was one of High Brothers’ trucks, painted up in a gaudy style that resembled a NASCAR machine.  On the left side of the rear bumper however, was something that stood out like a blazing neon sign.  There, displayed proudly for all to see, was a sticker endorsing Vigilant Vicky Hartzler of Missouri’s 4th District and her ongoing war against liberty. 

Hartzler has voted in favor of making it a felony to protest anyone under Secret Service protection.  She has voted in favor of the NDAA, which allows the government to apprehend and detain you indefinitely without charge or warrant.  She has voted to extend the Patriot Act. 

She has had Missourians arrested in her office. 

Her town hall meetings, with the doomsday projections of our debt, armed police guard and threats have the look and feel ofGermanyin the late 1930’s. 

No gays.  No contraception.  No abortion.  No Medicare.  No Medicaid.  No Social Security.  No rules for business, at all.  No public post office or education.  No public welfare, only corporate.

No peace.

Yes, to the constant state of war.  Yes, give more breaks to Big Oil.  Yes, impose a religious belief through legislation.  Yes, sell off government holdings to private companies.  Yes, shred the Constitution and the Rights bestowed upon us by birth.  Yes to oppression.  Yes, allow big banks to go unpunished for the theft of our treasury while writing laws to allow for even more fraudulent practices (JOBS Act).  Yes, cut tax rates on corporations and the wealthy.  Yes, pass that burden on to the rest of us via a 10% income tax no one is exempt from.  

We expect no more from Vigilant Vicky Hartzler, who was paid $1,485, 076.00 to run for office and then to cast votes in favor of the aforementioned positions.  In fact, of all Vicky Hartzler’s top contributors for the above time frame (2010 election and voting through mid 2011) with one lone exception, were from OUTSIDE Missouri’s 4th.

 From them, I would expect such impersonal treachery.

 High Brothers Lumber and HomeCenter is the local face of Vicky Hartzler, while she is whoring out our country and legislating us all into submission.

 From them,  I would expect better.

Government Overreach

This past Thursday, Representative Vicky Hartzler made stops around Missouri’s Fourth District in town hall/meet and greet events.  The picture that emerges from this trip across MO 4 is not a particularly flattering one for the first term politician. 


On April 5, Hartzler visited Warrensburg, Sedalia, Warsaw and Clinton.  From 10:00 AM until 5 PM, the Representative gave us a clear picture of her agenda moving forward in her first term in Congress. 


Her tour began in Warrensburg with a very particular tone and message.  The police would maintain order if necessary. “Disruptions and rudeness will not be tolerated,” her Chief of Staff was reported to have remarked under a doomsday-style debt counter. 


While in Warrensburg and to a small group, she went on to promote parts of her pro-corporate agenda, which includes:


Maintain and further lower taxes on the wealthy and corporations.


Cut social programs such as Medicare and Medicaid and food stamps.


Continue a crusade against rules and regulations that ‘restrict’ corporations and ‘job creators’.


Maintain historically high levels of defense spending.


In Sedalia, she repeated the same themes, from debt odometer and police presence to threats of China holding “29 % of US foreign debt” and warning of their “military buildup” to the imminent danger the Social Security Trust is in. 


She promoted lowering the tax rates on corporations and the wealthy to 25%.  To make up the difference in lost revenue, she supports a 10% tax on the rest of us.


In what quickly devolved into an intellectual downward spiral, Hartzler attempted to frighten the crowd with fears of Chinese spy technology.  When it was correctly pointed out how much US technology is tied to Chinese factories (such as the notorious ties between Apple and the Chinese corporation, Fox Conn. Their ‘employees’ commit suicide in order to escape.), Hartzler said she would look into it and make sure it stopped immediately. 


In the next breath she held China as the business model she hopes to see the US to aspire to.  The way to compete with factories who can force people to view suicide as a reasonable escape is clear, according to Hartzler. Placate ‘job-creators’, deregulate and create a more “business-friendly” environment. 

Ironically, Obama signed into law on the same day the JOBS Act, which effectively further deregulates the banking industry to a laughable extent exposing millions of Americans to financial ruin as the rules of Wall Street fall away, allowing them access to previously protected retirement funds, among other things.


Hartzler went on to profess her doubts about the President’s citizenship, as well, but minimized her own concerns, stating: 


“I have doubts that it is really his real birth certificate, and I think a lot of Americans do, but they claim it is, so we are just going to go with that.”


Blind consent and claimed ignorance is a recurring theme with Hartzler. 


Later, in Clinton, when asked about her vote on HR 347, which makes it a felony to protest anyone under Secret Service protection,  Hartzler said:


(The excerpt below is from a two-part report from Michael Bersen and Show-Me Progress on Hartzler’s stop in Clinton)


Uh, that’s what, uh, everybody I talked to, uh, you know, has said before the vote. And then afterwards we had a lot of, you know, people have been saying this ’cause it’s been going around the Internet that it takes away your free speech rights, but I double checked with attorneys and, and legal experts and they tell me that’s not the case. Uh, like I said, there’s a lot of misinformation. But, trust me, if, if it turns out there is a problem with that, I mean, I’ll be the first to vote against. I did support it at the time. It was, like I said, not controversial. Nobody called. I mean, it was, everybody said, oh, it was a simple bill, fix a, a, oversight in the statutes, so. But, keep, keep, uh, keep me apprised. If you hear anything different, if there comes problems in the, if, you know, somebody gets arrested for protesting, using a free speech, let me know. ‘Cause we’ll, we’ll vote to try and change it if we need to. You bet. Thanks for bringing that up.



“…if, you know, somebody gets arrested for protesting, using free speech, let me know.”

“Cause we’ll vote to try and change it if we need to.  You bet.”



Hartzler stands on the frontlines of the War on American’s Rights.


With votes in favor of the NDAA, which allows for the warrantless apprehension and detention of American citizens without charge or trial, and her aforementioned support of (HR 347) a law that now makes protesting against anyone with Secret Service protection a felony, Hartzler has declared a very distinct legislative path.


Vicky Hartzler, by virtue of her voting record, has declared war on the Constitutional Rights of the citizens of the United States and MO 4. 


Her office has enforced the threats of her Chief of Staff, as they HAVE arrested those who seek a conversation.  Dissent will not be tolerated. Vicky Hartzler does indeed practice as she preaches.  She backs her extreme positions with the conviction of action. 


Vigilant Vicky Hartzler marches in perfect goosestep to the drumbeat of her constituents, and with each passing day and each successive vote we are learning it is an agenda that has a shocking historic precedent. 


We should have no fear however, as Hartzler’s faith is an “important part” of her life, as noted by the Daily Star Journal’s J.C. Ventimiglia in Warrensburg.  (NPG, the corporation that owns the Daily Star Journal, offers no free content.  As a result, I cannot include the rest of their coverage of the event.)  Hartzler’s record reflects a somewhat questionable moral compass, however.


A click on Hartzler’s official website reveals much.  Here, she uses a local problem in the Lake of the Ozarks area as an example of “government overreach” and a reason to use a manufactured crisis to do away with corporate rules. She also uses this site as a platform through which to impose a religious code on others in what appears to be a prolonged campaign designed to undo the separation of church and state.  The latest front opened in this advance of religion through government is to claim a woman’s sovereign right to privately use birth control is somehow a violation of someone else’s religious freedom.  In fact, it is an excuse to instead impose an employer’s religious view, through legislation designed to ‘protect religious freedom’, on their employees.  Perhaps this is what Hartzler meant by making Missouri and our country more “business-friendly”. 


To be fair to Hartzler, she was not alone in her rush to appease her benefactors.  To add context, Hartzler’s march across MO 4 comes along with a meeting with leaders in Jefferson City on how to best “protect and promote” Missouri’s military bases in the face of potential downsizing.  The best way to do that is to pass a rapid fire pro-corporate agenda that benefits companies such as Boeing.  In the rush to sell out Missouri, we have Cushing, the precursor for Keystone, cutting across our state and employers who will soon be able to dictate your bedroom behavior to their liking.


The Missouri State Senate weighed in on the birth control issue last week. They decided an employer’s religious views supercede a woman’s right to choose how to treat her body, to say nothing of the disgusting intrusion of privacy this presents. They also passed pro-corporate legislation designed to put Missouri’s workers at the mercy of the corporations, all in an effort to ease the minds of “job creators”.  They have repeatedly overturned the will of the people of this state in order to satisfy those who contribute most to their campaigns. 


Here, in my county of Camden, the local political leadership, along with the local branch of the Missouri Ministry of Truth, Gatehouse Media’s Lake Sun, is attempting to assume their way to passing a measure that would subsidize a tax break for the big ticket purchases made by the wealthy.  They are skillful in their sales pitch and their choice of language, as has been noted elsewhere in this blog, in attempting to tell a population whose median family income is $40,695 they must subsidize a tax break for the big ticket purchases of the wealthy, i.e. boats.


The people in this county are hurting financially and they would threaten us with cuts to our road service if we don’t accept the deal they are offering.   In my community, we are already at the mercy of Big Oil every day, and a trip to Camdenton’s Wal-Mart tells you all you need to know about a corporation.   The suddenly antiquated notion of customer service that built Sam Walton’s company is inconvenient and costs too much to keep up. Now, they hardly have any checkout lines open, forcing customers to wait in long lines.  This produces better bottom lines and besides, where else are you going to go and what else are you going to do? 


The media of the Ministry of Truth in MO 4 endorses it because it is in the best interest of their ownership to do so.  There is a profit motivation to create an ignorant, uninformed population.  The trip to Wal-Mart and to fill up says so.


The result of this philosophy has been Vicky Hartzler and her assault on our rights, the ultimate government overreach.